Monday, July 24, 2006

On Property Rights and Smoking Bans...

I put a lot of stock in private property rights. I think those rights made America great and proud, and protecting those rights will help keep America great and proud.

I have a neighbor that smokes. I also have a brother that smokes. I know it's not healthy, and they know it's not healthy. I wish they would quit, but I also know that is a choice they will have to make.

I do have a rule that nobody may smoke in our house, and my wife has a rule that nobody can smoke in her store. I think that is how it is supposed to work. I don't have the right to tell someone they can't smoke, or allow other people to smoke, on their property.

And since I don't have that right, the people I elect don't have that right. And since one person doesn't have that right, two people don't have that right. Neither does 100 people, or 1000 people, or a million people.

As I said before, I put a lot of stock in private property rights, and as an elected official or a private citizen, I will do all I can to protect them for everybody.


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