Sunday, July 30, 2006

Now really, Larry...

Larry Riley's July 30th offering in the Muncie Star-Press,"How will government live with 'the cap'," presents some interesting facts and figures on some of the problems local governments will face under the new limits the state legislature has placed on property tax rates.

However, I think a greater concern should be, "how will property owners live without the cap"? Here are some more interesting facts and figures. The taxes on my property have increased 450% in the last 25 years. It doesn't really matter if the blame is placed on re-assessment, or higher rates, or the new high school gymnasium. The fact remains that people are losing their homes to taxes, and we need to take whatever action is necessary to stop that travesty.

It may require that schools concentrate solely on education, and not so much on entertainment. It may require that people who want a hiking trail or bicycle path support those trails and paths. It may require that people who prefer libraries over the Internet pay for those libraries.

Local government places one of the highest burdens on it's citizens, and we need to assure, at both the state and local level, that the taxes we pay are spent wisely, and for legitimate government functions.

Is that to much to ask?


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